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Welcome to the official site of The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Virginia (shown with photo of the Mayflower II ship)
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State Historians are elected officers of state societies whose principal function is to determine eligibility of an applicant from the standpoint of an adequately proven lineage.

Doing research for an applicant is not a prescribed function, but we will provide guidance and assistance to applicants in determining where needed documentation might be obtained.

Applicants should carefully read the Application Process and Please Do's and Please Do Not's documents listed below before beginning research.

A Mayflower Ancestor List By Family can be found HERE 


The General Society of Mayflower Descendants is a lineage society, so all applications must be made through the birth parents. If an immediate or extended family member has been accepted for membership it would be necessary to prove one’s lineage from that person forward. A preliminary application form is available on our website, or one can be emailed to you to be completed and returned to the VA Historian. It is not necessary to be a resident of Virginia in order to join through the Virginia Mayflower Society.

VMS Application Process (pdf)
Do's and Do Not's list (pdf)
Preliminary Review Form (pdf)

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Supplemental applications: Additional Mayflower ancestors may be documented by submission of supplemental applications. Any generations not previously accepted by the Society must be documented.  Membership Certificates for supplemental Ancestors are provided.  The cost for a supplemental application is $200.

Transfers of membership to Virginia: Contact the Virginia Secretary and provide your General Society number and ancestor's name. The secretary will contact the other state society for verification that you are a member in good standing (dues are current) and will request your GSMD membership number. Once these are received, the Virginia Secretary completes the transfer and notifies you and selected officials (Plymouth, previous state, Virginia Governor, Historian and Treasurer). In addition, a copy of your original application will be requested from GSMD for our records.

Dual memberships: Society members who wish to add a membership in Virginia should contact the Virginia Secretary and provide their General Society number and their ancestor's name. The other state society will verify you are a member in good standing (dues are current) and provide a copy of your approved paper for Virginia files. Once you pay dues ($50) in Virginia, all officials will be notified of your membership in Virginia.

Life memberships: New Life memberships are no longer offered in Virginia.


Junior membership is available to all those with proven lineages of any age up to 18 and may continue up to the age of 25. After Junior Members turn 18, they may apply for regular membership in the Society.

To request Junior membership for your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren, you must be a member in good standing of the Virginia Mayflower Society. You can either apply electronically at JOIN or provide the Deputy Governor with the following information:

  1. Full name of applicant, their address, telephone number and email address
  2. Year of Birth
  3. Mayflower Ancestor
  4. Full names of parents
  5. Full name of Sponsor of Applicant for Junior Membership
  6. Sponsor’s Virginia State Membership number and GSMD number
  7. Sponsor’s relationship to Applicant

Please email the above information to: Tim Finton, Junior Members Chair,

After he receives your email, he will provide you with instructions as to where to mail the application fee.  Checks are payable to the Virginia Mayflower Society."

When the process is complete, we will send the Junior Membership Certificate to the Junior Member at the address of the parents unless otherwise instructed.  If you have questions, please email the Chairman at

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