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Welcome to the official site of The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Virginia (shown with photo of the Mayflower II ship)
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Membership Benefits

aSome benefits of being a member of the Mayflower Society are: 

  • Opportunity to attend luncheon and meetings and social events featuring guest speakers and guides
  • New members receive a membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Free use of the extensive genealogical and historical information online and collections in the Mayflower Library in Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • Members receive the General Society’s The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine (quarterly) and The Virginia Mayflower (semi-annual newsletter)
  • Become part of research and preservation history programs, such as Patriots to Passenger Project
  • Becoming acquainted with others with whom a common heritage is shared
  • Opportunities for travel to historic places as organized by the General Society
  • Memberships can be transferred to another state chapter at no charge
  • Become a volunteer to serve on our Board of Assistance
  • Contributing to the perpetuity of the memory of our Mayflower ancestors
  • Annual elementary, middle school, high school, and college essay contest scholarships
  • Every 3rd September, members from the US and Canada gather in Plymouth for the Mayflower Congress

Mayflower Medal with Virginia (state bar). Ribbon color is light pink with small white stripe in center

Some of the finer details ....

Traditionally we hold two statewide luncheon meetings each year.  Our Spring meeting is held on the first Saturday in May, and our "Compact Day" meeting his held the Saturday before Thanksgiving each November.

Specifics on upcoming meetings can be found on the Events page.

The Compact Day meetings have been held in recent years at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, whereas our Spring meeting is usually held elsewhere in the state, such as Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Natural Bridge, Strasburg, and Norfolk. From time to time our members also hold regional meetings and outings.

The varied programs at our meetings are designed to help educate and remind our members about “The Pilgrim Example,” to recall the sacrifices and struggles of our ancestors who succeeded in laying the foundation for the American freedoms we all cherish. To quote from our “Pilgrim Pledge,” we study our Pilgrim ancestors’ lives, deeds, faith, courage and character, and draw inspiration therefrom.

Here is the Pilgrim Pledge that all our "cousins" read in unison at the start of each of our luncheon meetings

The Pilgrim Pledge

In the name of God, Amen:
I pledge myself to help hold aloft the lamps of civil and religious liberty
lighted by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock;
To recall and cherish the sacrifices and struggles made by them for the common good; 
To study their lives, deeds, faith, courage, and character--and to draw inspiration therefrom;
To emulate their spirit; 
To be loyal to the flag and institutions of the Country whose founding
was so greatly aided by their work and wisdom;
To do everything within my power to deserve and preserve the heritage,
and at all times--and in all ways--to profit by The Pilgrim Example.

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